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The UV-device can be used as part of staff training covering hand hygiene and skin care whether in hospitals, food production, industrial plants or disaster control. It is able to demonstrate real facts by means of the fluorescent testing agents, which are normally not visible to the naked eye.

Using this effective method, the hygiene consciousness of the trainee is intensified in a simple, but very lasting way. The test subjects are thereby impelled to accept the measures necessary and to perform them in the correct manner.
  • Proven safety of the training through equipment
  • specially developed for the method
  • Reliable and suitable UV technology
  • Strict standards for correct execution of the tests
  • Ideal lighting conditions to view both hands
  • Specially developed test agent to safely simulate
  • the transmission of germs
  • Standardised procedures and exercises
  • Repeatable training situations
  • Scientifically proven learning success
  • Internationally recognised Dermalux method