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The Dermalux multiplier training


“Whether in prevention and education, training, quality assurance, control of infections or public education work – our initiatives take people by the hand and at their word. They help to convince and motivate to develop new, own ideas. In this way, powerful networks and cooperation with business, industry and health policies at home and abroad are created. I am now pleased to pass on what I have learned and experienced over many years of work on and with the Dermalux communication concept to those of our customers who support this pilot project from day-to-day and want, within the context of their activity as multipliers and health service professionals, to take up the idea, carry it further and update it for others.”


Dermalux presentation/training at your trade show booth or your customer event


  • Customization according to clients and trade show presentations
  • Languages: German or English
  • Inclusive of Dermalux equipment for the event duration
  • Please sign up early

Karin Bartling-Dudziak, Executive Manager of KBD GmbH

TRGS 401 – Personnel training by means of the Dermalux Method has become obligatory


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