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Studies and abstracts:

Fluorescence in Wood-light:
Current applications in dermatologic diagnosis, therapy
follow-up and prevention.

Wigger-Alberti W, Elsner P:
Hautarzt 1997; 48(8): 523-7.

Training workers at risk for occupational contact
dermatitis in the application of protective creams:
efficacy of a fluorescence.

Wigger-Alberti W, Maraffio B, Wernli M, Elsner P:
Dermatology 1997; 195(2): 129-33.

Self-application of a protective cream.
Pitfalls of occupational skin protection.

HWigger-Alberti W, Maraffio B, Wernli M, Elsner P:
Arch Dermatol 1997; 133(7): 861-4.

Use of skin protective agents by patients with
occupational dermatoses: need for improved preventive

Wigger-Alberti W, Maraffio B, Elsner P:
Schweiz Med Wochenschr 1997; 127(21): 899-904.

Influence of the Galenic Form of a Skin-Protective
Preparation on the Application Pattern Assessed by a
Fluorescence Method

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